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Now with this platform multiple users from anywhere in the world can simply drag and drop. Loved ones or work colleagues near and far can upload all their best photography and film footage to one place. A collaboration of content, curated with impact, especially designed as a fast and affordable approach to content creation of all kinds.

Wedding Photography & Highlight Films - $995

Our ‘Behind the Scenes’ Package is leading when it comes to DIY wedding film and photography! By providing a platform where multiple users can upload film and photography from the celebrations, we then edit a highlight film and up to 500 stills then deliver in an online gallery easy to view, share and enjoy.


New Life Story - $595

Welcoming a new soul into the world is the greatest moment, and is often the most photographed and filmed event of any. We are so passionate about bringing all the emotions of the whole journey together to create a memorable masterpiece that can be lived forever for so many around you.


Legacy Film - $595

Our legacy film is a tribute to loved ones who are becoming, or have recently become a legend. A modern take on a memorial film, our legacy film is designed to celebrate the life, heart and soul of your beloved to the utmost honour.


Major Life Event - $595

The memories of your celebrated life event can be compiled by friends around the world collaborating to send their best wishes in photos, footage and audio messages that we create into a dynamic film. This film can be played at your event and cherished for a life time.


Holiday / Adventure - $595

The feeling we get when we are adventuring or on Holidays with our loved ones, makes us want to holiday forever… Why not capture the adventure and create a film that allows you to re-live that holiday every time you watch it.


Commercial - $595

Mos & Co RAW encourages soul traders, and small businesses to get creative with their own devices to capture and create. We will work with you as a member of our commercial family to personalise your content with logos and text to help you professionally tell your story without the expense of the pro’s, wherever you are in the world.


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